Friday Night Lights and Hart High School Football

Friday Night Lights with Hart facing off against Valencia. Been about 30 years since I’ve sat on this side (I went to Hart, my kids go to Valencia–a high school in the area that did not exist when I was a teenager), but I feel more at home on this side.

Doesn’t hurt that the SAME EXACT COACHES are coaching for Hart! As if zero time has passed. Sure, mustaches have been trimmed and hair turned white–but they still yell at the players with the same exact gestures.

Hart punts to Valencia

Not used to the Herrington brothers losing by so much (we were usually the ones leading 65-0), but I guess you have to have some change.

Oh. And the biggest change was getting to go sit in the stands of a Hart game with the most beautiful girl in the world–better than any cheerleader!

James R. Hull @jhull