The Whereabouts of the Passage of Time

Toured California Institute of the Arts with Katie today. It’s been almost 30 years since I went there (!), but so much of it looks the same. I half expected to see one of my friends come around the corner looking 20-something and eager about the animation industry.

Me and Kate at CalArts

It’s really weird how so much time can pass, yet you can stand in the same exact position you were three decades ago and remember vivid sights, sounds, and situations.

Showed her A113, the sub-level (with co-ordinates for the Gravity Falls scavenger hunt!), and where my cubes were for all three years.

She’s light years ahead of me in pure drawing talent, so I expect she’ll be writing her own version of this blog post thirty years from now.

Katie visits A113

James R. Hull @jhull