Letting Your iPhone Go

Packing up an old iPhone for resell is a sad experience. I’m reminded of this episode of Cortex where they discuss anthropomorphrizing devices and the creation of a farm upstate for wayward Roombas. This time, it’s my iPhone X–which is probably my most favorite phone since the iPhone 4. Perfect size and weight. First time using Face ID. Trutone display. I actually felt sad packing this little guy up for shipping. 🙁

Some may think it silly to have such feelings, but really–this device has been my close partner for the past year, both personally and professionally. I’ve developed an attachment, not because of some social-media network addiction, but rather one of purpose and delight.

It was great spending time with you iPhone X, but you were mine for only a short time.

My best to you and to whoever gets to know you next.

James R. Hull @jhull